Whet Foundation is a Florida based 501C3 organization and sister of Whet Travel, a progressive travel company that was formed in 2004 to meet the unique travel needs of music charters, large groups and young professionals.
We strive to excite the lives of those less fortunate in a fun and engaging way while positively affecting an entire generation.
Whet Foundation was conceived to develop the leaders of tomorrow through programs and initiatives centered on positive involvement in the community, and in one’s self. By completing the goals set forth by the Whet Foundation through its programs & initiatives, youth participants can earn exciting experiences granted by Whet Foundation. Whet Foundation programs and initiatives are offered to deserving children in South Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico.
We believe in making a positive impact through various initiatives. Through Destination Donation, we give back to destinations visited by Whet Travel clients, providing essential items to underprivileged children. Our Community Captains program identifies student leaders, fostering personal development and entrepreneurial spirit. We prioritize mental health awareness, offering uplifting sessions for those in the music industry. Celebration of Life is where loved ones no longer with us are celebrated and participants have the opportunity to share their story. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Relief Fund provided grants and supplies to those in need. Lastly, we are dedicated to ocean conservation, organizing immersive events to raise awareness and support research efforts. Join us in creating a better future for all through the Whet Foundation.
Destination Donation
The Destination Donation initiative strives to positively affect deserving children in the destinations in which the clients of Whet Travel visit.  The Whet Foundation organizes a trip where clients can volunteer to visit underprivileged children in underprivileged areas aiming to make a tangible difference in each and every one of their lives by providing them with essential items, and engaging in interactive activities. Many of the volunteers rate their Whet Foundation experience as the highlight of their cruise.
Community Captains
We identify students in our local South Florida community who exude leadership traits and share in our Whet mentality to engage peers in unique, exciting ways. These students complete educational criteria throughout the school year, which promote personal development and entrepreneurial spirit.The program concludes with an entrepreneurship competition, prizing the best concept with a family cruise sponsored by Whet Travel & Whet Foundation partners.
Ocean Conservation
Our Ocean Conservation initiative aims to raise awareness and provide financial support for research, conservation, and protection efforts for our precious oceans. We organize Ocean Awareness Events, offering immersive experiences, world-class entertainment, and bucket list activities. Our objective is to educate and inspire people while generating funds to support the ongoing preservation of our oceans. After all, we believe that no ocean means no life!

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Mental Health Awareness
Whet Foundation creates its own programs and collaborates with mental health organizations to curate uplifting panels and workshops aboard its cruises as well as engaging online discussions. These sessions have an emphasis on maintaining balance, recognizing symptoms, preventing suicide, meditation and other tools and practicing journaling. The ultimate goal is to create a supportive, caring, and connected community.
Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life is hosted to celebrate our loved ones no longer with us. The celebration consist of a biodegradable wreath and biodegradable note cards, where participants have the opportunity to share their story, write a message to their loved ones and put their message in the wreath to be thrown overboard. In many cultures the ocean is one of the primary factors that made life possible on earth. Sending off the departed into the ocean symbolizes the end of physical life and the beginning of spiritual rebirth. With the written notes to loved ones, this allows all present to participate and share in this moving experience. It symbolizes a farewell and an opportunity for closure and healing.
Covid Relief Foundation
In 2020, the Whet Foundation launched it’s COVID-19 Relief Fund through the Groove Cruise Virtual Sail Always live streams on twitch and have since accumulated over 9 million minutes watched and 1 million live views; this massive support raised over $50,000 for those facing hardships due to COVID-19 and was able to send over 250 relief grants and donate hundreds of face shields to multiple hospitals in South Florida.